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With an unwavering commitment to both educate and entertain, Demi is a true music alchemist, striving to leave a lasting impression on his audience.

“Music isn’t just heard. It’s felt. Each selection carries with it a depth of substance of some form, whether it’s an intricate melody, an infection groove, a primal rhythm, though provoking lyrics. My goal is to make people dance but if I can go one step farther, dig that little deeper into creating a more profound experience that they can carry with them long after the last song stops.”

Having played his trade, studiously learning from the great masters and pioneers before him, this forward thinking approach to his craft has taken his brand of music to over 35 countries, and with it releasing several compilation albums and a coveted Radio One Essential Mix as part of the triumvirate SOS Collective.

Decades of experience in performing at venues wide and small   have honed Demi’s skills as a versatile performer comfortable in any setting. His studio prowess in the edits he creates are meticulously crafted to enhance the spiritual journey of his audience. These edits serve as gateways to a deeper connection with the music, allowing listeners to immerse themselves fully in the sonic tapestry he weaves.

From the avant-garde stages of forward-thinking music venues around the globe to the cozy ambiance of speak-easy vinyl listening bars and restaurants catering to mainstream audiences, Demi has effortlessly demonstrated an ability to adapt his sound to suit the atmosphere while retaining his signature style and integrity to deliver a higher state of consciousness. 

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